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What others are saying about Carol’s thoughts on Prodigals. . .

I haven’t been on the blame game with my spouse – just myself. I’m thankful, however, that he doesn’t blame me. It’s easy to get caught up in the “what ifs” – what if I had done this and not that? What if I hadn’t done this or that? And it’s also easy to think that others may wonder “what did she do wrong and what can I do to avoid that?” And I don’t really know if they are thinking that, it’s just what I imagine. Thanks for the reminder to not waste time blaming, whether it’s me or my spouse. I need to make sure my focus is on the right place. –Georgie

But your blog has helped much – teaching me much. I have no control. It’s not my fault. And God never stops loving my prodigals. Please keep writing and encouraging those of us who are hurting and unable to be disinterested. While I don’t feel it as personally as I used to, I still ache for my lost boys.


Comments on Distractible People Thoughts

She is absolutely excellent and I will order every one of her sessions on tape to listen to over and over again. Her honesty about her own past and her struggles with her son were the best! Thank you for bringing her to the conference. –Lisa P

It’s hard not to feel supercharged after listening to Carol –Cindy H.

I just returned home from the convention in Peoria to rush to my computer and email you! I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful classes! It was so refreshing to hear your perspective and get some solid direction!! I am so grateful to God for leading us to your classes. Thank you for your heart and your time! –Jill R.

When you explained your child at the end and described his endless energy as a gift it touched my heart. I sobbed as I was reading your article because you were describing my sweet son. I will try these things. Just knowing that someone out there understands first hand how special children gives me great comfort. –Bonnie S.


About Carol’s Books

Carol Barnier creates products that fully understand, embrace and empower the distractible mind, whether in children or parents. With fun and energy, she provides ways to take any lesson or task and tackle it in ways that grab and hold a mind that easily wanders.  –Cindy Horton


Eavesdropping on-line

No single homeschool resource has fired me up as much as this single blog! I could not put it down. Carol Barnier has WONDERFUL and creative ideas for making our homeschool fun and exciting. These ideas are not way out there–they’re very practical and easy to implement. My kids and I’ve reaped the benefits of her creativity and ability to “think outside the box” throughout this school year and I’m very grateful to have found such a wonderful resource to teach my “hands-on” learners. –Unknown

Google Carol Barnier and read up on her methods; she’s hilarious, and I guarantee you’ll find some help there. Also check out her blog called Sizzlebop. Enjoy that son of yours! It’s taken a while for me to get it, but I’m finally enjoying my own daughter’s sizzly tendencies. Blessings to ya! –LillyLou

You need to listen to Carol Barnier from convention – she will make you feel all better!! Because, my friend, you are soooo not alone in these happenings!!! –Anonymous