Engaging Today’s Prodigal

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I am reading your book NOW and just had to stop a second to send you this email. I am only on the 4th chapter so and have already called a friend to read a portion to her and gave two pages to my hubby! We are right in the throes of a prodigal son with one fast on his heels, and I have been feeling so guilty for so long.

One page said you said, “Have you had this conversation yet?” Ha. Several times. Many friends ask, “How are the boys doing.” and I don’t even want to answer. Whether they actually do it or I just imagine it, I can so often feel their judgment.

Thanks for what will most certainly be my best night’s sleep in a long time tonight after I have finished reading.

GOD Bless you for answering His call to write on this very important, very taboo subject.

~Liz (last name withheld)

I love this book. I have walked through more than a decade with a serious prodigal and have spent years praying for and ministering to families with prodigals. Carol has put it all together so well. Her analysis is insightful, her grasp of reality is true, her suggestions are so practical. The book is filled with love and truth, with help and hope and humor, and with the grace that makes redemption and restoration possible.

~ Judy Douglass, author, speaker/Campus Crusade for Christ/Founder, Prayer for Prodigals

Seldom have I come across such a unique and refreshing perspective on parenting. Carol Barnier has written a truly honest and insightful book on the issues every parent worries about. Her wise and profound advice made me feel much less guilty about having been a ‘less than perfect’ parent. I highly recommend this book to every parent.

~ Rick Johnson, bestselling author of That’s My Son, Better Dads Stronger Sons, and That’s My Girl

“I’ve met so many heartbroken parents of prodigals who had nowhere to turn. The prevalence of false promises, misunderstood Biblical references, and guaranteed techniques to raising perfect children has been well-intentioned, but ultimately harmful. Parents have long needed a place to turn, and Carol Barnier has provided it in this book. I sincerely hope this book will find its way to families who need it, but even more that it will re-shape communities captive to bad ideas about prodigals and their families to become havens of help instead of harm. This book is a roadmap for parents and churches, and needs to be widely read.”

~ John Stonestreet, speaker and author for Breakpoint and Summit Ministries

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